Sunday, March 04, 2007

Willacy DA wants to be jailed — again Metro | State: "With a statute of Don Quixote on the table and a picture of Pancho Villa on the wall, Juan Guerra was in appropriate company this week during a bizarre protest outside the Willacy County Sheriff's Department.

'Just about every time someone goes out the door, he asks to be arrested,' Sheriff Larry Spence said of the longtime Willacy County district attorney. 'He wants to be in jail. He thinks he can rally the inmates and make the people march up and down the street. It's not going to happen.'

Guerra, the local prosecutor since 1996, was arrested Feb. 11 and charged with interfering with police trying to execute a search warrant of his courthouse office. Police took all the office computers as well as many records.

Also charged with three counts of theft by a public servant, Guerra has been out on bond after spending one night in jail."

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