Friday, March 02, 2007

Hope Mills, N.C. Woman Arrested for Insurance Fraud

Hope Mills, N.C. Woman Arrested for Insurance Fraud: "North Carolin officials arrested Richelle E. Jones, 23, of Hope Mills last week and charged her with one count of obtaining property by false pretense and one charge of attempting to obtain property by false pretense after Department of Insurance officials investigated allegations that she had filed a false claim with Liberty Mutual Insurance Co.

After receiving a tip, investigators looked into Jones' case and found that she was the victim of a home break-in in early January. She filed a police report, but allegedly did not have any insurance. Department investigators allege she then purchased an insurance policy and waited for it to go into effect before calling police to report another break-in. She allegedly listed the same items stolen as before, and then filed an insurance claim for their loss."

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