Thursday, March 29, 2007

Since You Asked: A cancer on criminal justice

Mail Tribune - Since You Asked: A cancer on criminal justice - March 17, 2007: "My son is here watching 'Law & Order' and was asking me about how 'bail' works and so on and the conversation leaned into bail bondsmen. There do not seem to be bail bondsmen here in Oregon. Why is that? They have them in other states.

-- Tiamotzz at mailtribune (other members wondered, too)

We were going to research our answer at's 'Law & Order' Web site, Tia, but it crashed our KayPro II (check it: 2.5 MHz Zilog Z80 processor, 64K of RAM, dual Tandon SS/DD 51/4 floppy drives using 191K floppies, plus a huge 9' green monochrome screen — cherry!), so we reluctantly forwarded this to our Since You Asked: Special Victims Unit.

Oregon made it clear in a 1978 Oregon Supreme Court decision that the services of bail bondsmen and their bounty hunter partners are not welcome here. So you won't be seeing Duane 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Chapman, his sons, or his wife, Beth Smith Chapman, unless they're here to sample our fine selection of merlot.

'Oregon basically set up a system where they aren't necessary,' Jackson County District Attorney Mark Huddleston said."

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