Monday, March 26, 2007

Bail Bonds News Roundup, Feb. 26, 2007

Bail Bonds News Roundup, Feb. 26, 2007 - Bail Bond Agent Directory: "Bail News Roundup - February 26, 2007

At, we have to admit that we are excited. Over the past week, the news has all been great. Again and again, the staff at has been reading about bail professionals as heroes – as those catching the bad guys and nabbing crooks. It’s been quite a week and we’re so proud. We can’t wait for next week:

Another example of what bail bondsmen have to deal with…
When bail bondsmen James Farrar, Charles 'Chuck' Koah, and Fish Fisher brought a defendant to court this past week, they brought more than they bargained for. The bail bondsmen brought Demorris Marcel Childress to the Bedford County Courthouse to face a drug charge, but Childress brought something a little extra – officers found crack cocaine in Childress’ pants. Childress was charged again, proving that criminals should not bring drugs into court. Quick-eyed Koah noticed that something was wrong when Childress kept asking to use the bathroom during court.

Bail Bondsman Notices Gaston County Police Mistake
The media is reporting that Police in Gaston County are searching for Robert McDowell, after he was mistakenly released. The problem stems from the fact that McDowell looks like a man who made bond. McDowell was release"

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