Monday, March 26, 2007

The Idaho Press-Jail annex gets renovation to house 74 inmates

The Idaho Press-Tribune: "Canyon County’s old jail annex will once again be filled with inmates today after the aging structure was aired out, got a cosmetic makeover, and rendered fit for reuse again since it was closed last summer.
On Monday, county officials took reporters on a tour of the renovated annex, which will house up to 74 inmates on three floors. Renovations are also planned at the main jail in the coming months.

“What some of this has done is free up a bunch of space over there,” Canyon County Sheriff Chris Smith said in reference to the main jail. “The detention staff and building maintenance have identified some free space that could be put to better use.”

For example, he said, shifting the laundry room from the main jail to the annex frees up space in the kitchen area for cold storage and a new dishwashing system.
Other improvements at the annex will allow for more office space and an area for pre -trial release and bail-bond agents to meet with clients via video at the main jail. Those improvements have begun and will take several months to complete, Smith said."

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