Monday, March 26, 2007

Who's who in the Hollinger fraud trial

Who's who in the Hollinger fraud trial: "Key players at the racketeering trial of former media mogul Conrad M. Black:

--Black, 62: Once chairman and CEO of Hollinger International. Charged with swindling the company out of $84 million through asset sales and dipping into the corporate till to finance a lavish lifestyle.

--Co-defendents: Jack Boultbee, 63, of Vancouver, Hollinger's former chief financial officer; Peter Y. Atkinson, 59, of Toronto, the company's former general counsel; Mark Kipnis, 60, an attorney who served as corporate secretary in the Chicago headquarters.

--U.S. District Judge Amy J. St. Eve, 41: A former federal prosecutor who sent health-fraud swindlers to jail and as a member of Kenneth Starr's Whitewater team helped convict former Arkansas Gov. Jim Guy Tucker.

--Defense attorney Edward Greenspan, 63, of Toronto: One of Canada's top criminal defense attorneys. Smooth and slow to get ruffled, he is renowned for his dramatic cross examinations. He also went to law school with Black."

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