Monday, March 05, 2007

Russell Commission OKs alternative program | 02/27/2007 | Russell Commission OKs alternative program: "A new program which would institute alternative sentencing in Russell County District, using methods other than incarceration to resolve non-violent criminal cases, gained the blessing of the Russell County Commission Tuesday.

The Community Corrections Program, which would include a drug court, would place offenders in in a supervised program for one year. The programs would include treatment, if the offense is drug-related, and constant monitoring by the court system. Another criminal violation while the offender is in the program would result in incarceration.

The programs would hopefully result in less crowding in the Russell County Jail, said District Court Judge Michael Bellamy, a sponsor of the program. Russell County Sheriff Tommy Boswell and the Russell County District Attorney's Office are also on board in the alternative sentencing program."

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