Monday, March 26, 2007

Bail Bonds News Roundup, Mar. 12, 2007

Bail Bonds News Roundup, Mar. 12, 2007 - Bail Bond Agent Directory: "Bail News Roundup - March 12, 2007

Duane 'Dog' Chapman is in the news again and the staff at is keeping an eye on the news to see how the reality star’s extradition to Mexico will go. In other news, a woman made a daring escape from bail bondsmen, but the bondsmen got their arrest in the end. Also, a bail agent association donated some technology to help out a busy jail. Read on to find out what the staff were talking about this week:

Shreveport Woman Tries to Escape From Bail Bondsmen
A Shreveport area woman jumped from a moving car in order to escape a bail bondsman. Although injured, she spent a brief period of time in the hospital before moving to jail. The bond agreement for 21-year-old Paige Cronford was broken and Pleasant Bail Bondsmen were re-arresting her when the woman jumped from the car in order to escape. She suffered a cut on her leg and was treated at LSU Medical Center. When released, Andy Pleasant took the woman to Bossier Parish Correctional Center.

Bail Agent's Association Donates Money Counting Machine
San Mateo Bail Agent's Association has donated a high-speed currency counting machine to the Redwood City's busy Maguire Correctional Facility. The facility is a busy one, averaging about 50 bookings daily, a process that"

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