Monday, March 19, 2007

Hamilton County Pioneers - The Hixson Family

3/10/2007 - Hamilton County Pioneers - The Hixson Family - Memories - "Since the late 1820s, when many Indians were still in this vicinity, the land around North Chickamauga Creek in the shadow of Walden's Ridge has been the domain of the Hixsons. Ephraim Hixson Jr. and Houston Hixson settled in the vicinity of the creek. Timothy and William Hixson were also here at the time of the 1830 census. In the 1836 and 1837 tax lists of Hamilton County, Houston and Ephraim Hixson were neighbors, while Alexander, Jackson, Henry and William Hixson were in another settlement.

Alexander Hixson was still here in 1850 with his wife, Nancy, and children Elizabeth, John, Margaret, Robert and Ephraim. Henry Hixson and his wife, Elizabeth, stayed in Hamilton County. Henry was born about 1813. He is listed as a son of Houston Hixson and grandson of Ephraim Hixson. Henry's children included Henry, James, John, David, Nancy who married James L. Smith, McKinney who married Mary “Molly” Rawlston in 1873, Franklin who married Virginia Rawlston, William and Clarissa J. McKinney Hixson died in 1923 at age 73, leaving a daughter, Malissa Lovelady, and sons, James D., John M. and Noah O."

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