Friday, March 02, 2007

Teen acquires more rape charges

Farmington Daily Times - Teen acquires more rape charges: "An Aztec teen accused of having sex with a 4-year-old girl in December 2004 now faces allegations that he sexually molested a 4-year-old boy that same year.

Mitchell Martin, 18, faces charges of criminal sexual penetration, a first-degree felony; and criminal sexual contact with a minor, a second-degree felony.

Both charges follow recent accusations that in December 2004, Martin molested a 4-year-old boy living at his mother's Embarcadero apartment in Aztec, court documents state. Martin's alleged victim told San Juan County Sheriff's Office deputies that the teen forced him to engage in sexual acts while the two were watching pornographic movies in the teen's bedroom.

Martin also faces unrelated charges that he raped a 4-year-old girl who was living in his mother's apartment two years ago. Those charges include three first-degree felony counts of criminal sexual penetration and one count of criminal sexual contact with a minor, a second-degree felony."

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