Thursday, March 29, 2007

Manhunt continues for bondsmen shooter

Manhunt continues for bondsmen shooter: "27-year-old Arthur Basaldua is no stranger to the law and, the FBI and Iberia parish sheriff's department want to get to know him a whole lot better. Basaldua remains on the run Tuesday, less than 24 hours after allegedly shooting two bail bondsmen at point-blank range. The sheriff's office says he's armed, dangerous and desperate to dodge the law.

Basaldua is accused of shooting the bail bondsmen at his trailer outside Loreauville. Sheriff Sid Hebert says after about an hour of discussions, Basaldua pulled out a gun and opened fire. The bondsmen survived the attack. Basaldua fled into the night.

Early Tuesday morning the sheriff's office arrested 24-year-old Israel Perez, a friend of Basaldua's. He's accused along with 21-year-old Dusty Nash of helping the suspect make his escape. Nash and Perez are charged with accessory to attempted first-degree murder.

Arthur Basaldua has had some recent brushes with the law. He and Israel Perez were busted in late February after allegedly tossing 24,000 dollars worth of methamphetamine out of a car window in Youngsville."

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