Sunday, March 04, 2007

Police Identified Man Shot By Police In Newport News

WTKR.COM YOUR NEWSCHANNEL 3 - Police Identified Man Shot By Police In Newport News: "Newport News Police are investigating one of their own tonight.

Investigators say an officer shot and killed 38-year-old Robert Harper around 9:15 Sunday night.

The shooting happened at 1211 25th street when officers were called to assist two bail bondsmen who say Harper refused to go with them despite a court order.

The bondsmen were serving an order from General District Court to arrest the Harper on traffic violations.

Officers say when they arrived Harper had his hand in his pockets and refused to show them to police. The bail bondsmen also told officers he had something, possibly a weapon, in his hand. Police say after Harper refused to comply with the officers request to see his hands he made a sudden motion toward them."

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