Thursday, March 29, 2007

Evacuees say bondsmen keep them behind bars

LOCAL NEWS | | News for Houston, Texas: "Pam Chriss feels like she’s been robbed twice – first by Hurricane Katrina, and now by the justice system.

“We’re not treated equally at all,” Chriss, a Katrina evacuee, said. “I’m very angry … That’s my child. My child is gone. I’m very angry.”

Chriss’ son, Melvin, has remained behind bars ever since he was arrested on a weapons offense last November. She say she was unable to secure bond because local bondsmen refused to work with her.

“I know we are treated differently because we’re from Louisiana,” Chriss said.

Claims like Chriss’ are not uncommon. Other Katrina evacuees say they have loved ones stuck in jail because they were never given the opportunity to post the customary 10 percent bond."

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