Monday, March 19, 2007

Elder-Abuse Case Brought To Trial

Elder-Abuse Case Brought To Trial - Local News: "New Hampshire's new elder-abuse unit has brought its first case to trial, trying to prove that a man assaulted his 83-year-old grandmother during an argument last November.

Adam Rossi of Manchester, 28, is charged with three counts of simple assault, accused of pushing and pinching his grandmother and twisting her head because he was angry she had discussed his mother's cancer with a friend.

Rossi denied the accusations. He said his grandmother swore at him and called him names when he tried to help her operate the call-waiting button on the phone. He grew frustrated, he said, and disconnected the line.

'I took the phone off the wall,' Rossi said. 'It was a childish thing to do.'

A few minutes later, Rossi was on the porch, talking to a neighbor when his grandmother came outside and told the neighbor he was dangerous."

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