Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Town May Pay Up to $100,000 in Federal Case

Town May Pay Up to $100,000 in Federal Case - WestportNow.com - Westport, Connecticut: "The Town of Westport may pay up to $100,000 in a settlement of a case that involves three bail enforcement agents and Westport police officers.

Town Attorney Ira Bloom said there are settlement talks in a federal case between Lawrence and Mary Tirreno, Westport residents, and Barbara Mott, a bail bondsman, and two agents employed by her. The town is also named in the case.

The parties have been talking for weeks about a settlement in the case, he said, but there is no settlement and a trial date is set for March 13.

The Board of Finance approved a resolution at a special meeting Tuesday for the town to pay up to $100,000 in any potential settlement in the case, he said."

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