Friday, February 16, 2007

Officials: 'Fake cops' were bail bondsmen

The Beaufort Gazette: Officials: 'Fake cops' were bail bondsmen: "The robbery of two men in a greater Bluffton home Wednesday morning was not the work of two police impostors, the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office said Friday.

Rather, investigators now believe two bail bondsmen from a unidentified bonding company in Beaufort are responsible, and it's possible they had the wrong house, Capt. Toby McSwain said.

According to McSwain, the two victims -- both men, ages 48 and 20 -- living in the targeted All Joy Road home have not had jail bonds posted by a bondsman.

Sheriff's investigators are working with the South Carolina Department of Insurance, the licensing agency for bail bondsmen, to figure out what happened and whether a crime was committed.

'We've got to get to the bottom of whether these guys had the authority to take the money,' McSwain said."

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