Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Attorneys don't know of 'capping' list

Article - News - Attorneys don't know of 'capping' list: "Part II of the bail bonds scheme attorney Joe Cavallo is charged in.

Yesterday: Jail 'tank workers' and 'cold-callers' steered inmates to Xtreme Bail Bonds, which allegedly sent them to Cavallo. Prosecutors say Cavallo kicked back one-third of his retainer back to Xtreme. He has pleaded not guilty.

I'll never forget John Barnett the first time Cavallo appeared in court on his indictment. Barnett's normally ruddy face was even ruddier and he seemed barely in control of his anger as he told the press he believed the D.A.'s Office was targeting Cavallo because he was an aggressive defense attorney and not well-liked.

We didn't hear much about it after that, as Barnett's motion to challenge the D.A. on the grounds of selective prosecution went behind closed doors. But at my request Tuesday, a clerk in Judge Carla Singer's 10th-floor courtroom tore open the envelope that had sealed Barnett's motion and handed me a packet about three-quarters of an inch thick. I went to the empty jury box and, while Singer conducted pre-trials in other cases, I read at my leisure."

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