Sunday, February 25, 2007

Problems Intensify for the Schenectady Police Force

WTEN: Albany, New York – News, Weather, Sports - Problems Intensify for the Schenectady Police Force: "Schenectady's P.D. problems intensify - this time, a sergeant on the Vice Squad is off the job.

It was a scandal that hit the Schenectady City Police Department when evidence in a drug trial, crack cocaine, turned up 'missing' from evidence lockers.

NEWS10 has learned Sergeant Daniel Diamond, who is on the Vice Squad, is now on paid administrative leave. Our John McLoughlin has exclusive details on the cop in question.

Sgt. Diamond was in charge of the evidence locker at the Vice Squad. He is also one of the highest paid police officers in the city, making 115-thousand dollars, including overtime.

Department brass are saying very little, only that Sgt. Diamond is relieved of his duties, with pay, and that it has to do, in general, with a State Police investigation into the disappearance of several bags of crack cocaine from the evidence safe."\

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