Friday, February 02, 2007

Mock Shooter Takes Waterman

Mock Shooter Takes Waterman - News: "Before students returned for the second semester, UVM Chief of Police Gary Margolis and University of Vermont Police services initiated an exercise to test the effectiveness of police services against a shooter on campus.

The exercise occurred Jan. 8 at the Waterman Administration building. Margolis brought relevant groups in, such as the Burlington Police Department and the Vermont State Police's Tactical Service Unit to assist in the exercise and gain training.

Exercises, such as the one held on Jan. 8, are planned and implemented to test the security and safety of the University of Vermont, and also to practice for crisis situations on campus.

'They are emergencies and crises because they are outside reality. You're never quite prepared, but I think we are as prepared as we can be. However, you're never quite sure who is going to show up,' said Margolis on the effectiveness of the exercise."

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