Friday, February 16, 2007

Female Bounty Hunter / Private Investigator

Female Bounty Hunter / Private Investigator - "Andy and Traici Crutchfield are not your typical bounty hunters; they are a normal husband and wife with a taste for excitement. This crime fighting couple works together solving mysteries, tracking down bail jumpers, finding lost loves, locating dead beat dads, catching cheating spouses, and more!

When it comes to bounty hunting, Andy says, “We have a 98% return rate. We have traveled as far west as Phoenix and as far north as Maine to track down fugitives that no one else could find. We once sat on a house for five days straight! We don't give up. To us, it is our reputation at stake. The bond may only pay us $1,000, but that means the bondsman stands to lose $10,000. That matters to us.” "

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