Monday, April 30, 2007

Weekly paper fills mug shot hunger - Bail Bond Agent Directory

Weekly paper fills mug shot hunger - Bail Bond Agent Directory: "America loves a good mug shot. The more frizzed, frazzled and frantic, the better.

An Orlando entrepreneur has seized on that fascination, recently starting Jail, a weekly newspaper filled with nothing but the unflattering thumbnails. Page after page, with only a few ads in between.

'A mug shot is a couple notches below your driver's license picture,' said Devin James, 41, dressed casually in sweat pants, sneakers and a ball cap. 'And everyone takes a messed up driver's license picture.'

Mug shots have gained popularity online thanks to sites like The Smoking Gun, which feature arrest photos of professional athletes, musicians and Hollywood A-, B- and C-listers — Nick Nolte, Glen Campbell and Mel Gibson, among them.

In Jail, the stars are the readers' neighbors, charged with everything from drug possession to prostitution to murder.

Some mug shots beg for more detail, like the bare-chested man arrested and charged with burglary. Perhaps a shirt was one of the items he hoped to steal."

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