Monday, April 30, 2007

Bail Bonds News Roundup, Apr., 27, 2007 - Bail Bond Agent Directory

Bail Bonds News Roundup, Apr., 27, 2007 - Bail Bond Agent Directory: "Spring is upon us now and the staff at has been enjoying the sunshine, blooming flowers and this weeks bail news. This weeks newspapers, TV and other media have been filled with great bail news stories. From items about legislation to stories about bail professionals gone awry, here were our picks of the week:

Three Bail Bondsmen and a Police Lieutenant Indicted in New Haven
One month after being arrested, three bail bondsmen and a New Haven police lieutenant have been indicted by a grand jury on corruption charges. Officers William White and Justen Kasperzyk were both arrested and charged on various counts related to stealing government money. Charges against Kasperzyk are still pending, while White was indicted this past week. Following the arrests, New Haven police disbanded the narcotics unit that White headed. Bail bondsmen Robert Jacobs, Paul Jacobs and Philip Jacobs, were also arrested and charged with bribery conspiracy. The bondsmen offered White and other police officers bribes in order for the officers to track down bail skippers. (Connecticut - Hartford Courant, Apr. 25, 2007)"

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