Tuesday, April 10, 2007

One Bail Bond Company Considering Changes

Boise, Idaho News, Weather & Traffic - KTRV FOX 12 - One Bail Bond Company Considering Changes: "We now know exactly how a Meridian bail bondsman and his client -- who was involved in a gun battle with police -- died. They were killed by a single gunshot to the head.

Other bail agents are re-considering how they run their business, so as to not find themselves in a similar deadly situation.

'He called all weekend. He called four or five times. Monday, he called again,' said Staci Freeman-Madron, who owns Staci's Bail Bonds in Caldwell.

Freeman-Madron is talking about Anthony Joseph Bosworth, 30. He was killed in a police shootout Wednesday after murdering his bail bondsman, Joshua Schmidt, 30.

Schmidt worked for Advantage Bail Bonds and was apparently only a bondsman for a week before being shot to death. It all began Tuesday afternoon, when Schmidt bailed Bosworth out of jail.

'Both Mr. Schmidt and Mr. Bosworth were at a bank in Meridian trying to cash a check. We believe that check was money to pay for the bond,' said Ada County Sheriff Gary Raney."

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