Monday, April 16, 2007

Bail Bonds News Roundup, Apr., 13, 2007 - Bail Bond Agent Directory

Bail Bonds News Roundup, Apr., 13, 2007 - Bail Bond Agent Directory: "The staff have noticed a change in the air, and it's not just the milder temperatures that come with spring. Around the country, bail professionals are waking up to the news that new legislation may soon change the way agents do business. It could be a sign of the new visibility of bail bondsmen and agents. Whatever the cause, though, the industry is changing in Tennessee, Connecticut, and other states. The headlines that had us reading and talking this week were:

Connecticut's Bail Bond Industry Facing Changes
Connecticut's lawmakers want to pass new regulations and legislation that would affect the state's bail bond industry directly. Authorities claim that the bail bond industry in Connecticut is a multi-million dollar industry and pressure in the business has meant aggressive marketing tactics as well as increasing bail amounts. The proposed regulations would ban bail professionals from soliciting on state property - including courtrooms, police stations, and courthouses. The new legislation would also make it illegal for convicted felons to work as bail professionals and would ensure that the down payment on bonds would not be lowered - currently, some agents accept as low as 2% of a bail amount. The state may even introduce a forensic accounting program to keep track of financial trans"

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