Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bondsman on Hunt for Truth about Haggard

Boxes labeled "New Life Church" occupy a prominent spot in Bobby Brown's downtown office, a testament to his mission to get to the bottom of allegations against Ted Haggard and the megachurch Haggard once headed.

For two years, the Colorado Springs bail bondsman, investigator and sometime bounty hunter has been casually digging into Haggard's alleged sexual indiscretions while he was senior pastor at New Life Church - the result, he says, of tips that came from several sources within New Life.

But he had other work to do, and no compelling reason to devote a lot of time to the case.

That changed last Friday, after New Life senior pastor Brady Boyd e-mailed church members to say that after Haggard's resignation in 2006, the church "received reports of a number of incidents of inappropriate behavior" that occurred when Haggard was pastor.

Read more at The Gazette (Colorado Springs, CO).

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