Thursday, January 08, 2009

Attorney General Drops Charges Against Jersey Bounty Hunter

Charges of witness tampering and terroristic threats against bounty hunter Adel Mikhaeil were dismissed late yesterday afternoon, his lawyer said this morning.

The state Attorney General's Office dismissed without prejudice two charges against Mikhaeil, 43, which means the state can recharge the Jersey City man in the future. A state spokesperson could not be immediately reached for the reason why the charges were dismissed.

"It's safe to say that Mr. Mikhaeil is happy about it," Robert Gold, Mikhaeil's attorney, said of the dismissal.

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1 comment: said...

Some folks complain to me all the time that it's not fair how bounty hunters are "above the law," but here is another story that shows that they're really not. Just the word of an informant can get a bounty hunter locked up it appears. Sure they have some latitude but they definitely have rules to follow.