Monday, February 23, 2009

Agents Bring Fugitives to Justice

Dale Kress never goes hunting without the necessary equipment: a gun, a flashlight, pepper spray and a bulletproof vest.

Kress, 56, of Port Huron is what’s known as a fugitive-recovery specialist or a bail-enforcement officer. He said those names tend to give a more professional image than the popular term does.

“A lot of us don’t like to be called bounty hunters,” Kress said.

People familiar with A&E’s hit reality TV show “Dog the Bounty Hunter” understand the basic concept of the job: When someone skips bail, the bail bondsman stands to lose a large amount of money to the court and has the option of hiring somebody to find the fugitive. The bounty hunter gets an arrest warrant, a photo of the fugitive and some relevant information with which to start their search.

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1 comment:

shorty said...

Bringing fugitives to justice seems like a very dangerous job, but I guess it has to be done or you pay in the long run!!!!!!!