Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Former Corporation Bigwig Has Trouble Finding Bondsman

The former head of the Ketchum Community Development Corporation remained incarcerated this morning in the Blaine County Jail, unable to raise the $150,000 bond he needs to get out of jail.

"The bond is so high that any bail bondsmen would need property for security," said Melissa Roemer, an agent for Hometown Bail Bonds in Hailey. "It's my understanding that the couple personally doesn't own any."

Fifty-year-old Gary Rapport, who resigned as executive director of the CDC on Tuesday and was arrested later that day on a California warrant alleging failure to appear on a 2002 felony burglary charge, was arraigned on a fugitive from justice charge Wednesday afternoon in Blaine County Magistrate Court.

Public defender Kevin Cassidy, who was appointed to represent Rapport, told the court that his client will fight extradition to Orange County.

Judge Mark Ingram scheduled an identity hearing for July 17 and said he will reconsider bond at that time.

Roemer and Rick Filkins, president of American Eagle Bail Bonds in Ketchum, attended Rapport's court hearing on Wednesday but neither was willing to put $150,000 at risk.

Rapport's wife Yanti Ibrahim was contacting bail bondsmen throughout the area this morning in an attempt to get her husband out of jail.

Rapport and Ibrahim, who is from Indonesia, have three children at home ages 3, 9 and 12. Rapport reported in his request for a public defender that the couple pays $1,475 rent per month at their home in Ketchum. He further reported that he made $30,000 last year and owes $9,000 in Bozeman, Mont., for heart surgery. Rapport was reportedly earning a six-digit salary as head of the CDC. He had served as full-time executive director of the organization since May.

Ketchum police have alleged that Rapport was aware of the California warrant prior to his arrest at his home on Tuesday evening.

In addition to the Orange County warrant, Rapport also faces a 2007 aggravated assault charge in Bozeman for allegedly strangling his wife until she lost consciousness. Rapport lived in Bozeman prior to moving to Ketchum.

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