Monday, July 14, 2008

Falling Through the Cracks: Criminals Who Avoid Jail

Dangerous criminals are falling through the cracks of the legal system by avoiding their court dates only to live a life of freedom.

Thousands of criminals who are supposed to be tried by a court of law have skipped town to stay under the radar of law enforcement. Many of them remain virtually invisible to law enforcement and never return. Local law enforcement does not have the resources to chase after every single criminal that gets away. However, a bail bondsman does, and as a result, the industry ends up helping law enforcement keep potentially dangerous criminals off of the streets.

Bobby Brown of Bobby Brown Bail Bonds in Colorado Springs is one bondsman making sure criminals don't get away. During a visit to his Colorado Springs office, Brown was in the process of locating a criminal facing two felony charges. NEWSCHANNEL 13's camera was rolling as Brown called law enforcement in Rapid City, South Dakota to inform them he had located a nationally wanted criminal.

During the call, Brown was able to inform local Rapid City law enforcement of the criminal's whereabouts and his charges.

As a bail bondsman, Brown has financial responsibility to track down criminals who avoid court appearances and even jail time. However, his work ends up helping law enforcement, as he and other bail bondsman have the resources to go after criminals local law enforcement cannot.

Brown tells NEWSCHANNEL 13 he tries his best but there's only so much he can do. At times, people facing charges are issued a bond by the county. In the past, there have been many people who avoid court appearances, ignoring their responsibility to the county issued bond. When this happens, Brown says it's the taxpayers who lose out with money that can't be replaced when a person facing criminal charges skips town.

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