Monday, July 14, 2008

Bail on Wheels

Bail Busters Bail Bonding LLC is busting out with a new office on wheels as part of a small public relations project to inform the community about the business of bail bonding.

This week, the business debuted its mobile response unit — an unusually painted black and red, full-size, half-ton conversion E-150 Ford van — equipped with 18-inch rims with low profile tires and a stereo system provided by Audio One in Clarksville. The paint job was by House of Customs in Trenton, Ky.

Jeff Moorhead, partner and lead fugitive recovery person at Bail Busters, said the office on wheels replaces the office at 10 Main St. and makes it easier to take care of all bail bonding needs.

The mobile response unit includes computers with mobile Internet, full function printers, all paperwork and a high-tech stereo system.

"We found we could respond better throughout the day and night using a mobile response unit," Moorhead said.

"It's a one-stop shop for entertainment, work and bounty hunting. ... It will take care of all our needs and customers' needs.

"I like to call it the new era of bail bonding."

The business bought the van in January and had it remodeled and repainted for high visibility.

Moorhead said the company plans to feature the van in city parades and will have a "Bail Bunnies" spokesmodel team.

The van will serve as an advertisement and a open door for public relations, he added.

"People have misconceptions about bail bondsmen and bounty hunters," Moorhead said. "We want to get rid of that misconception and let people know as a whole, bail bondsmen are good people. We want to dispel the myths and let people know we are out there to help them."

Bail Busters opened for business in October 2007.

Moorhead, who served in the Army for 12 years, and his wife, Tiana "Chantel" Moorhead, who dealt in insurance and banking, mixed their skills to start the business.

The company contracts with people who have been jailed so they can make bond.

The business also assures the court defendants will appear for their court date.

"My wife and I wanted to work for ourselves," Moorhead said. "We looked at how we can have a good job, take care of our family and help people on a daily basis. ... It comes down to we want to help people."

He said the new mobile response unit will give them the resources they need to make their jobs easier.

"Everyone will know Bail Busters Bail Bond, and there will be no mistaking where we are, who we are and what we do," Moorhead said. "It'll help in advertising, public relations and people will be able to stop us and ask questions."

Moorhead said the business' motto is "Who you gonna call," and with the new Mobile Response Unit rolling around town, advertising that question will be easy to answer.

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