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Paris, Snoop and Mel. Who Else Got Jailed and Bailed in 2006?

2006 proved a tumultuous year for many celebrities. Many charges of drunk driving and other bad behavior had stars arrested – and posting bond.

The staff at the AboutBail.com bail bond agent directory brings you an overview of the stars that got into hot water in 2006:

Paris gets plastered
In September 2006, Paris Hilton was arrested on DUI charges. She just barely met the minimum limit for driving under the influence (she registered .08, the minimum for a DUI arrest in the state). She was released on a recognizance bond and left shortly after arriving at the police station.

Busta gets Busta'ed
Rapper Busta Rhymes was arrested for allegedly being involved in an altercation in late 2006. The incident led to a court appearance, where Rhymes was arraigned on misdemeanor assault charges and posted bail of $3,500.

Natasha Lyonne – Whoa! Don't get caught with your pets down.
Natasha Lyonne arrested In December 2006, American Pie actress Natasha Lyonne turned herself in at a New York court after a bench warrant was issued for her arrest in January. The warrant stemmed from a 2004 incident of alleged harassment and trespassing. Lyonne allegedly threatened her neighbor, broke a mirror in the neighbor's apartment, and threatened to sexually molest the neighbor's dog.

Lyonne was also arrested on DUI charges in 2001 and released on $2,000 bail.

Wesley tries to snipe the IRS
In early December 2006, actor Wesley Snipes was arrested at the Orlando International Airport for tax evasion. Snipes was indicted on federal criminal charges for his role in a tax avoidance scheme that allegedly included him seeking $12 million in fraudulent refunds and failing to file six years of tax returns. Snipes claimed he never misrepresented his income. The case is ongoing.

Rip gets Ripped
Rip Torn - Ripped as a MoFo Actor Rip Torn was arrested for drunk driving in early December 2006 following a collision and refused a sobriety test. Rip also received a DUI charge two years previously for which he was acquitted.

Snoops in tha Dogg House
Snoop Dogg in tha Dogg House In early December 2006, rapper Snoop Dogg was arrested near Los Angeles on weapons and narcotics charges. A police search of the star's car found marijuana, cocaine, and a firearm in a false compartment of the rapper's car. The star was booked, and bail set at $60,000, which the rapper paid. This is not Snoop's only brush with the law in 2006. In October, he was arrested at Burbank Airport after a gun and marijuana was found in the celeb's car. At the time, he was booked and released on $35,000 bail. Earlier in December, Snoop surrendered to California police after he allegedly tried to carry a baton onto an airplane at Orange County John Wayne Airport. He posted $150,000 bond and was released.

Mel Gibson – Oi Vey!
Mel Gibson Arrested One of the most notorious DUI arrests of the year came in July 2006, when actor and director Mel Gibson was pulled over. As the star was being booked, he reportedly went on an hate-filled tirade filled with anti-Semitic slurs. At the time of his arrest, Gibson blew a 0.12% breathalyzer. He pleaded no contest to drunk driving in August.

It's Saturday Night… and I'm getting hammered!
Tracy Morgan, actor and star of "Saturday Night Live" and NBC's "30 Rock" was arrested for DUI in 2006. The actor was ordered to turn over his driver's license.

I see drunk people
Haley Joel Osment Arrested Haley Joel Osment, famous child star from "The Sixth Sense" was involved in a car crash in 2006, and was arrested for DUI after he failed a breathalyzer test. The actor was released after posting $15,000 bond.

How do you like these apple martinis?
Director Gus Van Sant was arrested in December 2006 in Oregon for drunk driving. The director is known for movies such as "Good Will Hunting," "Drugstore Cowboy," and "My Own Private Idaho."

Mos Disorderly
In August, actor and rapper Mos Def was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct in New York City. According to the NYPD, Mos Def pulled up outside Radio City Music Hall (after MTV's Video Music Awards) in a flat-bed truck and began an impromptu perform, quickly attracting a large crowd. The purpose was to raise awareness for people who still need assistance due to the 2005 hurricanes. The rapper was detained by police for several hours before being eventually released on bail.

Iron Liver Mike
Mike Tyson Mug Shot Boxer Mike Tyson was arrested in December 2006 after his car struck a police cruiser. The athlete failed sobriety tests and was arrested on drunk driving and cocaine possession charges. He was released without bail, but will need to take drug and alcohol tests.

DMX Gets B-U-S-T-E-D
Rapper DMX was ordered to appear in court in June after he was found to be driving without a license. He did not appear in court and an arrest warrant for the star was issued. The rapper refused to pay the $25,000 bail and spent one night in a White Plains, NY jail.

50 Cent Rapper - $300K Car
Rapper 50 Cent was pulled over in 2006 for an unsafe lane change. He was arrested because his driver's license was expired and because his Lamborghini was unregistered and uninsured. He was later released.

Duane "The Dog Chapman" Hunted Down
Dog the Bounty Hunter Mug Shot Duane Dog Chapman, the star of "Dog the Bounty Hunter" was arrested in 2006 for extradition to Mexico. The arrest was related to a three-year-old case that stems from the fact that bounty hunting is illegal in Mexico. He was released on $300,000 after appearing in court and after being ordered to wear an ankle monitoring device.

Jason Wahler - Who? Does anyone really watch this?
"Laguna Beach" star was arrested in New York in September on charges of disorderly conduct, possession of a controlled substance, bribery, and resisting arrest. Later that same month Whaler and a female friend were arrested for battery. Wahler posted a bail of $20,000 and was released.

Willie Nelson (we love Willie too much to make fun of him)
Willie Nelson was arrested for possession of marijuana and psychedelic mushrooms. Nelson was cited for possession and released.

Lou Diamond Phillips – (LDP hasn't done anything interesting enough over the last 20 years to make fun of him)
Actor Lou Diamond Phillips was arrested for domestic battery after an argument with his girlfriend turned violent. The girlfriend called 911 after locking herself in a bathroom to get away from the actor. The actor was held for 10 hours before being released on $50,000 bail.

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