Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bounty Hunters, Fugitive Recovery Agents - PInow.com

Bounty Hunters, Fugitive Recovery Agents - PInow.com: "Why a bail enforcement agent can keep your entire family safe from criminals

The very idea of a bounty hunter may call to mind the Wild West, where shiftless strangers drifted into dusty towns to round up bad guys. In reality, a bail enforcement agent or a fugitive recovery agent is someone who brings back those who skip bond or bail and fail to show up for court hearings. Obviously, fugitive recovery agents are crucial, since they help the public in tracing criminals and ensuring that those criminals are no longer on the streets.

Why do you need a bail enforcement agent?

Surprisingly, bail enforcement is not the sole dominion of law enforcement officers and the courts. There are good reasons why the average person needs to be able to contact a good bail enforcement agent at any time:

* A loved one leaves before a bail hearing. Unfortunately, juvenile delinquency, gang affiliation, drug use, and other problems mean that most of us know someone who's been in court. If your child or a loved one panics and leaves before their court date, they become a fugitive. To prevent further legal problems, a fugitive recovery agent can help bring back your family member in time for their court case or trial.
* A criminal threatening your family skips bond. If you've been the victim of fraud, theft"

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