Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Atlanta Bail Bondsman Jailed for Robbery

A local bail bondsman was behind bars Monday night and denied bond. Robert Brewer, who runs his own ankle monitoring company, is now charged with armed robbery.

"As he was walking around, he was bringing the gun up like this," said the alleged victim Demetrius Jackson.

Jackson said he and his friends were held at gunpoint outside Lenox Square Mall two weeks ago. Jackson said he screamed and started running.

"Since I did know he had a gun, I was afraid he was going to shoot me in my back. So I hid under a car," recalled Jackson.

Police said the man with the gun was local bail bondsman Robbie Brewer. According to officials at the Fulton County jail, Brewer runs the Atlanta Ankle Monitoring company. Back in November, in an interview with FOX 5, Brewer said his company uses bracelets to keep accused criminals on house arrest.

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