Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Man Out on Bail After Bribing and Threatening Officers' Families

Daniel Escalante is accused of trying to bribe a Dallas cop to let him go free and then threatening two officers' families when his offer was rejected.

Escalante talked his way into two felony charges after initially being arrested for a misdemeanor. His attempted bribe was an offer of $50,000 (or "Fifty G's dog").

Yet Magistrate Candace Carlsen set his bail at $4,500, and the 23-year-old Dallas man walked out of the Dallas County Jail less than 24 hours after his arrest.

The judge said the bail she set was the standard, recommended amount for the charges Escalante faced: bribery, retaliation and interference with public duties.

"Quite frankly, when a lot of people are arrested, they are mouthing off to the officer," Carlsen said. "That's a very typical bond for that type of case."

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