Tuesday, December 01, 2009

SOOFEM.com Donates Caller ID Spoofing Services to Bail Bondsmen

Ericka Holman, Interim President of SPOOFEM.COM, will be donating SPOOFEM cards to licensed law enforcement, private investigators, and bail bondmen professionals to give them a feel for the Spoofing service for the month of December. Applicants can register online at www.SPOOFEM.com by clicking on the investigator icon located on the homepage.

"We want to give these professionals the experience of using our products and services. It is important for them to know how it works, and is it going to fit into their organization," says Holman. "We hope to give them the feedback and response they need when searching for people, to see if this may be a quick way for them to get information without going through the normal channels."

The main service these professionals will be able to benefit from is the Caller ID Spoofing service. Caller ID Spoofing is a service that allows you to dial any phone number and have any number you choose show up in the recipient's caller ID. Users are also able to change their voice to sound like that of a man or a woman, record the conversation, and have it emailed to them within seconds of hanging up the call. SPOOFEM.COM even allows you to send text messages and emails that appear to have come from someone else.

In addition to providing consumers with a caller ID spoofing service, SPOOFEM.COM also supplies spy products such as voice changers, detection kits, GPS tracking systems, and computer security software.

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