Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Bondsman shoots attacking pit bull

An aggravated assault charge is pending against a man who turned his pit bull dog onto a bondsman trying to serve warrants on the man’s brothers Monday on Old Woodbury Highway, a sheriff’s deputy reported.

Bondsman Edward Lee Parker Jr. of Cumberland Bail Bonds said he shot the dog in self-defense, Deputy Trent Givens reported. He shot the dog through the jowl with the round passing through the dog’s bottom jaw. The owner put the dog on its chain.

When Givens arrived, he called Animal Control officers to check on the dog’s welfare.

Parker said when he arrived to serve the warrants, the brother cursed Parker and threatened to release the dog on him. The dog was chained in the back yard. The brother unchained the dog and antagonized the animal, encouraging it to attack Parker who warned he would shoot the dog.

“At this point, the dog ran full speed towards Mr. Parker,” Givens reported. “As the dog was running toward him, he was braking and acting very aggressively.”

Parker fired two rounds from his Glock handgun, striking the dog.

The bondsman indicated he would obtain arrest warrants against the brother to charge him with aggravated assault.

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