Monday, October 20, 2008

South Carolina Bondsman Gives Interview About His Duties

Jimmy Robinson's family has been in the bail bond business for 34 years. Robinson says it's rare for defendants on bail to run.

"It's not necessarily they're gonna flee the state," Robinson said. "They just go into hiding and they figure if they put their head in the ground and hide, it will go away."

Robinson says when he's hired to post bond, it's also his job to keep tabs on the defendant.

"It is the responsibility of the bonding company to make sure he lives where he says he's living, that he's working where he's supposed to be working, and that he appears in court," he said.

If the defendant doesn't appear in court, Robinson can lose a lot of cash.

"If it is a $50,000 bond, you stand to lose $50,000," he warned.

If one of the Robinson's clients jumps bail or fails to appear in court, they're licensed to go after them, arrest them and bring them back to jail.

"If you don't show up, you flee and that bond is forfeited, I'm gonna pay the money," Robinson said. "But I'm gonna go after your family, so it's a kind of locked in protection with us."

Robinson says he gets written reminders from the solicitor's office about court dates.

"They're kind enough to give us notice. They're not required to do it, but they do it," he said.

Still that doesn't guarantee a defendant will come to court. If that's the case, Robinson and his sons will be ready for action.

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