Monday, October 27, 2008

Bondsman Tracked and Arrested Animal Abuser

The Kern County woman accused of animal cruelty has finally been arrested. A bail bondsman tracked Anita Gilbert to the Los Angeles area, and 20 cats were found in a motel room she rented in Oxnard.

Gilbert was arrested Thursday night in Reseda near a friend's house. Bail bondsman Bob Herman said he and his investigators had staked out the area, and saw Gilbert drive up in a black BMW.

Investigator Silvio Suarez said as they approached her, Gilbert took off running and yelling. "That she had cancer, which is a lie. That she has heart problems, which is a lie. She's a pathological liar," said Suarez.

Herman said Gilbert said she had cats in a motel room where she had been staying in Oxnard. The bondsman and investigators went to that motel where they found a room in a complete mess, with 20 cats left in it.

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