Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bounty Hunter In Anthony Case Questioned by FBI

Detectives from Orlando flew to Sacramento to talk to well known bounty hunter, Leonard Padilla. They believe Padilla may know something about the now infamous Casey Anthony case.

Bounty hunter Leonard Padilla was one of the few people to talk face to face with Casey Anthony after he helped bond her out of jail, which is why Orlando investigators flew all the way to California to speak to him.

Padilla says Casey told him a different story about where she last saw her little daughter Caylee.

Allegedly telling him she left the three-year-old with the nanny at Blanchard Park in East Orange County, which is a big change what she told investigators about leaving her with the nanny at an Orlando apartment complex.

"There was no truth in that, a new story on me," says Padilla.

Padilla says the 22-year-old mother kicked him out of the house after talking with him for ten minutes when Padilla didn't buy her story. Padilla eventually revoked her bond because he believes the child is dead and that she had something to do with her disappearance.

Padilla also believes murder charges are coming soon.

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