Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bondsman Hit With Car While On The Job Speaks

Following a story we first brought you earlier this week, A bounty hunter speaks out after he says a fleeing suspect ran him over in a truck.

Jamie Mikel says he knows that there are risks involved every time he goes to work, but he also says that he's never had someone try to get away like the man who goes by the name Pork-Chop did on Sunday. EMS workers load bounty hunter Jamie Mikel into an ambulance Sunday afternoon. This comes after Mikel says this man, Dennis Ryals, better known as Pork-Chop, ran him over at a local gas station when Mikel tried to take him into custody.

"It always works in the movies it just didn't go my way that day," Mikel says with a chuckle.

But Mikel says his encounter with Pork-Chop was no laughing matter. He says the suspect tried to take off in his truck while Mikel held onto the steering wheel.

"They said that I hit the pumps with my head and bounced off and bounced into the rear of the truck and that's when they say it ran over me," Mikel says.

And Mikel's body has the bruises to prove it. He has two staples in his head, a broken hand, a number of cuts and bruises, and you can still see the tire marks on the shirt he wore that day.

"He didn't mean to hurt me, he was trying to escape, Pork-Chop didn't mean to hurt me, but he did mean to get away from me," Mikel says.

And that's why Mikel's friends and fellow bounty hunters hit the streets looking for Pork-Chop the next day. They climbed through windows and banged on doors. And eventually DID find Pork-Chop and take him into custody.

"It was just like a block had been lifted from my chest, I was just so amazed at how fast they got him," Mikel says.

And today Mikel sits on his couch, recovering with many of the same friends who helped place his alleged attacker behind bars.

"It makes me want to cry when I think of what they've done for me, they was there for me, they know that I would be there for them as well," Mikel says.

And it turns out that Mikel does not have insurance. His fellow bounty hunters have set up a fund where people can help him at the Ace Bonding Company in East Ridge.

Ace Bonding Company

4312 Ringgold Rd. Suite 6

East Ridge, Tennessee 37412

Ryals, or Pork-Chop, is being held at the jail on no bond and court records show that he now faces an aggravated assault charge after his run-in with Mikel.

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Anonymous said...

i truly hope no one sent money to this con artist.