Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Terror suspect asked to pay higher bail surety

A Sydney terrorism suspect has been asked to provide more bail surety, before the Supreme Court will formally confirm the continuation of his bail.

Bilal Khazal, 34, remains on bail and bound by a series of strict undertakings, after the third day of a Supreme Court review into his bail, which was granted by a local court earlier this month.

The Lakemba man is charged with compiling a book which was posted on the Internet, which the prosecution alleges could have incited terrorism.

Since Khazal was granted bail, the New South Wales Government has amended legislation to create a presumption against bail for people on terrorism-related charges.

But Justice Greg James today told the Supreme Court that Khazal had overcome that presumption.

Justice James told the Supreme Court he was unable to see how Khazal was a particular risk to the community.

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