Friday, August 31, 2007

Man Charged with Murder has his Bail Altered for School

David Bain has had his bail conditions changed so he can move to West Auckland to study for a design qualification.

Mr. Bain is awaiting a re-trial for the murder of his family.

He was released on bail on 15 May after the Privy Council found there had been a miscarriage of justice in his 1995 conviction. He had spent the past 12 years in prison after being convicted of killing his father, mother, and three siblings in a mass shooting at the family home in Dunedin on 20 June 1994.

On 21 June, 2007, the Solicitor General announced a retrial would be held.

Mr. Bain had been living in Waikato with long time supporter Joe Karam under the condition that Mr. Karam would stay there most of the time.

But Mr. Karam says he has been traveling a lot to prepare for the case. He says Mr. Bain will now live with Deborah Read, the daughter of one of his staunchest supporters.

Mr. Karam says Mr. Bain began studying for the design qualification in prison and needs to be near a polytech to finish it.

He says the Reads have been friends with Mr. Bain for years and are like family to him.

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