Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bail Bondsman Shot, Killed In Miami Gardens

Bail Bondsman Shot, Killed In Miami Gardens - Local News Story - WTVJ | Miami: "A bail bondsman picking up a wanted man was shot and killed in the 1000 block of Northwest 155th Lane in Miami Gardens Monday night.

According to authorities, five bail bondsmen were attempting to take a man into custody when the incident occurred.

'I'm surprised,' neighbor Patrick Smikle said. 'It's not the kind of thing that happens here normally. I'm not going to pretend it's the quietest apartment complex, but I've never heard of anybody being shot here.'"

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Joey G said...

Bail Bondsmen, too, face Danger on the Streets.
Regarding the recent shooting death of Jerry Dongo at the hands of a fugitive. I have been a Bondsman for 24years. Over that time fugitive warrants in Dade County have climbed into the thousands, and number go up daily. Bondsmen have been arresting and bringing back these felons many of them dangerous repeat offenders. We like law enforcement officers, provide a valuable service to our communities, but at no cost to taxpayers. So where is the outpouring of sorrow for us? Where is the justice for us? Why haven’t the news media reported our side? Why doesn't the State Attorney's Office file Bail Jumper charges against those brought back to justice by Bail bondsmen? Oh yes the law is on the books! But they refuse to file these cases. Why did a father of three have to die to bring our day to day lives into the light? I am deeply saddened that we live in a world that criminals brazenly attack we who enforce the laws, but I stand saddened even more at the lack of recognition of the contribution by men like Jerry Dongo have made to our community and judicial system. I express my regrets to Jerry's family he deserves better. Asking the questions are not hard getting answers is. All I want to know is why did this happen and what are the State Attorney, Judges and Politisons going to do about this.