Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Proposition 102 Opposed by Law Enforcement

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While the battle rages politically on senate and governor campaigns, and political watchers wage their wars against tax measures on Tuesday's ballot, one measure has been residing under much of the public radar.

Proposition 102.

The measure may not be garnering attention like amendments 60 and 61, and Proposition 101, but it could be just another nail in local government's coffin, say some opponents. Opponents of 102 paint it as a moneymaking measure for the state's bail agents — the people who help bail people out of jail and ensure they get to their court dates.

The measure asks voters to require only first-time, nonviolent offenders be let out of jail to a program called pretrial services without having to put up their own money. So far, there are 10 pretrial services programs in counties throughout the state, including Weld and Larimer. It's a court-, or county-operated program, which researches defendants' backgrounds to determine their risk factors in the community, which in turn helps judges determine their amount of bail. It also serves to monitor defendants upon release by providing drug and alcohol testing, and monitoring whereabouts, for example, to keep defendants in line with protection orders.

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