Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bail Bondsman Hit with Bank's Door in Des Moines

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A wanted man got the better of a bail bondsman by smashing his hand in a revolving door and taking off on foot Friday. Police later caught up to the suspect at the bus station.

Lonnie Fentress of Iowa Bail Bonds picked up Garrett J. Jesmer, 18, at the Polk County Jail so he could post bond. Fentress drove Jesmer to the Wells Fargo Bank at 666 Walnut St. to withdraw $8,300 for his bond, police said.

Fentress removed Jesmer's handcuffs as a courtesy and to avoid causing alarm among bank patrons, police said.

Fentress, 46, told police Jesmer turned and used the bank's revolving door as a weapon by slamming it backwards onto Fentress' hand, then taking off on foot.

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