Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Bondsmen Charged with False Imprisonment

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Richard Wayne Angle, 51, and Terry Lee Henderson, 44, representatives of AAA Freedom Bail Bonds, stand charged with false imprisonment, a serious misdemeanor after they allegedly held an individual for over 24 hours, handcuffed to a bed in a one-room garage with two dogs.
The two were arrested at 1 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 2, at the Clay County Jail.

According to the Clay County Sheriff's report, Angle and Henderson assisted an individual in bonding out of jail as representatives of AAA Freedom Bail Bonds.

After family members of the individual realized that their home had been used as collateral, the family representatives contacted the bonding company and advised them the bond would be revoked and asked the lien to be released immediately.

Upon receiving the information, the two bail bondsmen located the individual and brought him back to the Clay County Jail. Jail officials advised Triple AAA bondsmen that they could not take the individual as no paperwork was available and it would take several days to clear through the courthouse.

Upon leaving the courthouse, the two men allegedly took the individual to Everly and handcuffed him to a bed in a garage and placed two rottwieller dogs in the garage with him. They held him there for over 24 hours according to the sheriff's report, waiting the paperwork to clear, and then brought the individual to the jail.

The complaint, filed by Cindy Brokens of Scotch Grove, on Aug. 31, suggested the false imprisonment occurred over a four-day period of time. The complaint suggested that the individual should have been released on bond in accordance with state laws, and the individual had the right to be released.

According to the report, the bondsmen in the investigation admitted they would have to let him go, and didn't have a driver's license to drive around and locate him again.

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