Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bondsman Jailed After Targeting Wrong Home

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A pair of Florida bail bondsmen found themselves in custody after entering the wrong house, according to Laurinburg police.

Ellis Fernandez Danley, 43, of Orlando, and Adrion John Webb, 28, of Ocoee, entered a Laurinburg home on Beech Street with guns at their sides while looking for a person who had skipped bail in Florida, according to a Laurinburg police report.

After interviewing the homeowner, they realized they had come to the wrong house, police said.

The homeowner told officers that one of the bondsman had his gun drawn, though he did not point the gun at anyone, Capt. Kim Monroe said. The other bondsman had his gun holstered.

Monroe said the person they were looking for had missed court on a misdemeanor charge.

Danley and Webb were charged with misdemeanor breaking and entering and placed in Scotland County jail under a $500 bond.

"Better preparation could and should have taken place before making that entry," Monroe said.

The pair work for All-Star Bail Bonds, according to the report.

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