Friday, January 29, 2010

WWE wrestler Chris Jericho arrested - along with Greg (Hurricane) Helms - for public intoxication

WWE wrestler Chris Jericho was arrested early Wednesday morning for public intoxication, reports.

According to the report, cops noticed that the 39-year-old athlete, along with fellow wrestler Greg (Hurricane) Helms, were both "extremely intoxicated" at a gas station in Kentucky.

Before running into police, the duo were reportedly involved in a scuffle in a taxi cab, where Helms allegedly struck three police. In addition to smacking Jericho, Helms reportedly became violent with a man named Gary Kelley and female named Ashley Storer, who were all riding in the vehicle together.

After the incident, Helms reportedly fled the scene and arrived at the gas station.

The two men, who were in town Tuesday night taking part in WWE Smackdown at the U.S. Bank Arena, were then taken into custody in Kenton County around 5 a.m. and were charged with "alcohol intoxication in a public place."

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