Friday, March 27, 2009

Wesley Snipes Might Have Bail Revoked

Wesley Snipes happily posed for photographers as he mingled with guests including the Duchess of York and Sir Richard Branson at the “party of the decade”.

But four months later the pictures have come back to haunt the Hollywood actor, as American prosecutors claim they are evidence he breached the terms of an international travel ban.

They are now seeking to revoke his bail, and want to prevent the actor travelling abroad ahead of his appeal against a three-year jail sentence for tax evasion.

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Matt said...

If he violated the terms of his bail like that, I'd say he's a pretty big flight risk....He's not a rational kind of guy with his loony view on taxes, so it's not far-fetched to think he'd disappear. There's no huge demand for Blade Part 37, so maybe his time on Hollywood's A or B list is over.

shorty said...

Did he actually violate his bond? If he did, did they revoke his bond?