Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bail Bondsman Attacked with Knife

The Charlotte County Sheriff's Office has filed more charges on 28-year-old Shane Steele after he pulled a knife on two bail bondsmen and was shot Monday.

After being shot in the leg, treated and released from an area hospital, Steel was originally charged on an outstanding Sarasota County warrant for Home Invasion Robbery with a Deadly Weapon and Attempted Murder.

The new charges filed were two counts of Assault With Intent to Commit Homicide, and two outstanding warrants for Robbery and Failure to Appear in a Charlotte County court.

Two licensed Bail Bondsmen from A Way Out Bail Bonds were acting on a tip that Steele would be at the Luther Road apartment complex. The bondsmen spotted Steele, a physical struggle ensued, and Steele pulled out a knife. Both bondsmen pulled their firearms ordering him to drop the knife. Steele displayed the knife in a threatening manner saying several times, "I'll kill you," then came at the bondsmen and they both fired, hitting Steele in the right upper portion of his leg.

Steele kept the knife and fled into an apartment where he barricaded himself in the bathroom.

The CCSO Fugitive Warrant Squad detectives arrived and established communications with Steele who told Sgt. Rick Goff that if he attempted to enter he would "cut his throat." Forced entry was made, Steele continued to resist and a Tazer was activated. Steele remains in the County Jail without bond.

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